The die is a necessary tool to make a precise cut of different materials. It allows for example to shape the labels that we find on the bottles of water, on the bottles of wine or on the different jars that we find daily in supermarkets.

There are different types of dies: ram punching and flatbed steel rule dies.

Fustellificio Rossi produces and provides its customers with both solutions proposed above.
The difference between one and the other is given to the material used in the production phase, directly linked to the final application.

Over the years we have been able to acquire a highest quality know-how that allows us today to provide solutions for different machines used in the graphics industry.

Our dies can be used for many machine brands such as Blumer, Busch, Polar, PMC, Lombardi, Caliari, Bobst, Heidelberg, Illig and Kiefel Technologies.

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