Fustellificio Fratelli Rossi was established over forty years ago and it is specialized in producing steel rule dies and ram punching dies. We joined Mabar Group in 2015, adding to our technical craftsmanship the latest technology to manufacture high quality and accurate dies for your die cutting operation.

Flatbed steel rule dies

Our flatbed dies are manufactured with birch wooden or plexiglass supports and can be employed with manual sinkers, Bobst, Heidelberg, Illig, Kiefel Technologies and every other kind of presses. We can use blades of different heights (23.8 / 30 / 40 / 50 / …

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Ram punching dies

Due to our considerable experience with the packaging sector, food and beverage in particular, we have a thorough knowledge of labels required by these industries. Our production methods enable us to make light and versatile dies with excellent wear …

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Mabar is a specialist manufacturer and supplier or cutting dies.
Mabar was established over thirty years ago and, thanks to considerable industry experience, is able to fulfil all types of die cutting requirement.

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